How such an annoying drizzle can be silent
Animated Documentary

How such an annoying drizzle can be silent

19 years after the death march from Auschwitz, Otto Dov Kulka testifies together with 210 other survivors against 20 indicted fromer SS officials.


Direction · Animation

Project Type

Graduation Film · Documentary · Animation · Short

Completion Date

10th March 2021


29th November 2021 at Designpreis Brandenburg


4 minutes · 39 seconds


Cel-Animation · 2D

🏆 Winner Designpreis Brandenburg 2021

🏆 Winner Short Tiger Award 2022

🎬 Festival de Cannes 2022

🎬 Filmfest Dresden 2022

🎬 Sehsüchte Potsdam 2022

🎬 Berlin Design Week 2022

🎬 18th Athens Digital Arts Festival 2021

🎬 Lima Web Fest 2021

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When Otto Dov Kulka was 11 years old and had to start the death march from Auschwitz to Groß-Rosen, he sees a prisoner lying with a broken leg on the orders of the defendant Baretzki who then probably shot him. Unlike this unknown prisoner, Kulka managed to escape death.

Nineteen years later, he testified alongside 210 other Auschwitz survivors against 20 indicted former SS officials, participating in a trial that confronted the German people with their past and gave voice to silence.


This film focuses on the perspective of the survivor Otto Dov Kulka and tries to evoke the subjective feeling he went through during his testimony.

The title How such an annoying drizzle can be silent (original: Wie ein so lästiger Regen schweigen kann) describes the unbearable lack of remorse and guilt by the SS-Officials and the german people remaining silent.

Graduation Project

This film is a graduation project of the University of Applied Science in Potsdam in 2021 by Jakob Werner – dealing with the question of the presentability of the Holocaust in animated film.
Read my thesis ↗here.

The first Frankfurt Auschwitz Trial

The first Frankfurt Auschwitz trial took place from 1963 to 1965 and was one of the most important trials against nazi officials in germany. 211 survivors testified against 20 indicted former SS officials and confronted the german people with their past. The survivors came from all over the world to tell their story after they haven't been heard for 20 years. It was extremely difficult for them to dig deep into their past and tell the stories they have been trying to forget.

Tape Recordings

Listen to 430 hours of original tape recordings from the first Frankfurt Auschwitz trial on ↗auschwitz‑
Audio recordings are in german with german transcripts.


The animation was made by using traditional cel-animation in combination with digital linocut prints. The cel-animation was used for the abstract part of the film. The linocut represents the court room and is used for the typography.


Director, Animator

Jakob Werner

Sound Design, Mixing, Mastering

Amparo Battaglia Lopez

Tape Recordings

Hessisches Landesarchiv, Abt. Hessisches Hauptstaatsarchiv Wiesbaden, Abt. 461 Nr. 37638

Special Thanks to

Prof. Klaus Dufke
Prof. Sven Völker
Caroline von der Heiden
Thea Sparmeier
Hessisches Landesarchiv
Fritz Bauer Institut



How such an annoying drizzle can be silent

Original Title

Wie ein so lästiger Regen schweigen kann

Project Type

Documentary · Animation · Short


History · Court


Cel-Animation · 2D

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4 minutes · 39 seconds

Completion Date

10th March 2021