Der Passfälscher
Title- and Creditdesign

The Forger

Title- and Creditdesign for the feature film The Forger written and directed by Maggie Peren.


Titledesign · Creditdesign

Project Type

Feature Film


Drama · Biography


13th February 2022 at Berlinale


2D · After Effects · Photoshop

Production companies

DREIFILM · Amour Fou Luxembourg · Network Movie

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Jewish aesthete Cioma, 21, does not let anyone take away his joy of life, especially not the Nazis. In 1942, he has to find new ways to make his living in Berlin and escape deportation. In the process he discovers his talent for forgery: not only with passports, but also his own identity.


Fake identities, escape, loss. People are cut out of stills to make the physical concealment and loss of identities visible. Hiding from the Nazis and deportation blur into a visual metaphor. The print texture, ink and papers echo the materialities Cioma uses to forge passports.

The use of overlays with papers, transparencies, tracing papers and collage-like elements are not only visually appealing but communicate a deeper meaning. Superimpositions as an expression of multidimensional character traits. Torn paper as a pictorial rift between existential anxiety and the pursuit of pleasure in life.

The transparency film acts as a veil that only occasionally allows visibility. Cut-out elements and figures form interactions that blur behind the film.

The typeface »Balant« is modern sans serif and counteracts the typographic cliché of Fraktur and serif fonts. The static forms help to give the title a bureaucratic character.



Maggie Peren


Maggie Peren


Alexander Dumreicher-Ivanceanu

Alexander Fritzemeyer

Peter Hermann

Dietrich Kluge

Martin Kosok

Jutta Lieck-Klenke

Bady Minck


Mario Grigorov


Christian Stangassinger


Robert Sterna


Louis Hofmann

Jonathan Berlin

Luna Wedler

Marc Limpach

André Jung

Yotam Ishay